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Gara Line

Professional electric pizza ovens

Gara Line

The GARA line is made up of professional high-performance electric ovens. Planned to guarantee speed and efficiency for any occasion and created with a fascinating aesthetic for a well-designed oven. Good isolation and powerful heating controlled by a separate regulation of top and bottom through reliable thermostats of 550°C. An excellent baking of any kind of food in short time is ensured, without any effort for the operator, who is baking and serving customers quickly. GARA pizza ovens have been created to cook pizzas in short time, especially the authentic Neapolitan pizza and other kind of food, simplifying considerably the work of the chef, the pizza chef or the operator. They are well-furnished ovens, created with state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality material.

Main features

  • Mechanical or digital control
  • Stainless steel front side, baking chamber and exteriors
  • High efficient baking chamber with internal light
  • Special refractory stone to reduce baking time
  • Cold door: external toughened glass, intermediate toughened glass and internal ceramic glass
  • Soft-close door gasket
  • Stainless steel knobs
  • Thermostats 550°C
  • Cold exteriors (forced ventilation)
  • Steel exteriors
  • Stackable oven
  • Steam exhaust
  • Industrial door joints
  • Low-consumption version 2,9 kW available: P134SDGARA