Effeuno - Pizza Ovens

We produce electric ovens for pizza of the highest quality


Ten-year experience made of continuous research and design of professional catering equipment that over the years have been confirmed as innovative and revolutionary.

In the patrimony of Effeuno there are patented ovens , adaptable to any type of cooking and for this reason they are lovers of "fast and good in a small space". It is a company with a young and modern character, which operates in a specialized form in the field of electric ovens for pizza, bread and pastry.

Our ovens are designed, designed and handcrafted in Italy with certified materials, ensuring a complete MADE IN ITALY in the details. The professionalism in the technical construction is guaranteed by the considerable experience of the property gained in leading companies in the production of catering equipment.

With the passing of the years has reached ten employees among production, sales office, purchases and design. The company looks to the future with optimism, trying to offer the best solutions with the most advanced technologies, investing a lot in research and development always guaranteeing products to high performance and researching in the forms of a distinctive design and performing.
It is important for us to ensure a continuous and qualified after-sales assistance every our client. We enjoy a very positive feedback, we detect problems of less than 0.5% of the total products sold. We are proud to consider ourselves the ideal partner for all those looking for a dynamic and professional producer.



EffeUno’s philosophy is just one: the satisfaction of the market, which is complex and always demanding, with its ever new horizons and expectations constantly evolving.
Our goal is to bring new market solutions, developed in collaboration with customers, distributors, retailers and food producers, which there is the request for a flexible and dynamic Company for, all followed in the value chain with the logic of total quality, just-in time and transparency
In his journey of life, EffeUno had the prestigious task of producing equipment that enhance the work of people every day, taking the constant strive for perfection and humility to listen to every kind of suggestions.


Innovative solutions to enhance our product

Our passion for searching and developing is empowered by our huge know-how, throughout patents, utility models, brands, name, data sheets and registered logo. Customer’s big satisfaction and numerous recognitions received, proved the importance that our company dedicate to the innovation throughout continuous investments.

We use specialized manufacturing and value chain, which satisfy a fundamental requirement: extreme attention to next generations and our planet. In fact, we ask to whom works with us, to share a sustainability logic: all our suppliers work with producing systems and machines of a low environmental impact, using as much as possible production of electrical energy made by renewable sources.