The right of withdrawal guarantees to the customer the possibility to giveback the product.

It will be sufficient to communicate the refund within 14 days from receipt of the wares; the returned items must be in the same condition as good as new, unused and complete with ever accessory and packaging.

Transport costs for the return for the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the purchaser, who will provided by their own means to send the seller wares that do not meet his expectations.

The packaging must be made in such a way as to ensure that the goods are not damaged during the return.

Times and methods of reimbursement in case of return for withdrawal:

After the Seller has received the returned material and checked that all requirements have been complied, the customer will receive an confirmation e-mail of acceptance of the return, otherwise, if there is found the existence of a reduction value of the returned products ( for example for missing wares, even partially , or transport damage during the return ), the customer will receive an e-mail in which the deducted amount will be communicated as a deduction of the reimbursement.

Whatever the method of payment used ( credit card, bank transfer, paypal ), the reimbursement of the returned wares ( not for delivery costs ) is activated by the Seller as soon as possible, in any case within fourteen (14) days form the date when he became aware if the right of withdrawal, once satisfied that the withdrawal occurred in compliance with the conditions above.

The actual time for the reversal of restitution of the sums paid for the for the purchase of the products depending on the payment methods used:

– Purchase by credit card: the repayment time depends on the credit card company, but normally takes place within two statements. Let us remember that the value of the credit is the same as the debit, so the customer will not suffer any loss in terms of bank interest.

– Purchase by Paypal: the refund will be made to the Paypal account and will be immediately visible. The actual refund on the credit card from the Paypal account depends on the institution that issued the card.

– Purchase by bank transfer: the refund will be made to the customer’s account within fourteen (14) days from the date in which the seller became aware of the right of withdrawal.

Return for warranty repair / replacement:

In the event that an purchased item in the site, during the warranty period, it presents operationl defects not attributable to bad or improper use, it is possible to:

– Get in touch with the selling company and after careful evaluation , it decide how to act for the repair

– Give to the seller such artiche for the repair of the same.

Please note that:

– The commercial invoice ( issued to VAT subjects such as companies, professionals or individual companies ) gives the right to a one-year warranty;

– The commercial invoice to private (holder of the tax code only) or the till receipt proves instead a two-year warranty on the product purchased.

Components such as re-crusting stones and similar or components subject to normal wear due to use are NOT covered by warranty.

The transport cost for repairs under warranty shall be borne by purchaser, who will use his own means to send the goods deemed defective to the seller.

Times and methods for return for warranty repair:

After the Seller has received the defective material, the customer will receive an e-mail confirming the arrival of the item and the costumer will be informed about the progress of the warranty claim.

The defective material will be sent to the manufacturer, who will make according to his objective standards, an analysis of the defect.

The manufacturer, NOT the seller, will be the one who will decide whether to repair (or if it is economically not convenient) to replace the warranty item, in the event that an actual production defect is found.

In the event that the parent company does not find production defect but only in use, a cost estimate will be issued that will be submitted to the costumer, who it will be free to accept it and then proceed with the repair at his own experience, or reject it; in the second case the goods will come, depending on the written indication of the customer, made irreparable or disposed of by the seller.

Wheter the item is repaired at the expense of the customer and where the item is made irreparable, the return costs shall be born by customer.