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Easy Pizza Line

Commercial electric ovens for bakery and pizza

Easy Pizza Line

Effeuno presents the special Easy Pizza line of professional ovens for short baking. Ovens conceived for small baking loads to help you in the daily baking work. Professionally equipped, they are the perfect solution for those who want to create a start-up and have an immediate return of investment thanks to the low economic effort. They are ideal for huge quantities of pizza production and in lack of space, they are studied for those who prefer a separate heating control. An Easy Pizza oven is the perfect solution for home-made pizza lovers. Easy Pizza differs from other professional domestic ovens for its particular features: low consumption, high performances and fast heating. Moreover, the soft-close door is made up of a triple glass.

Main features

  • Mechanical control
  • Stainless steel baking chamber and exteriors
  • Baking on fireproof stone
  • Baking chamber with internal light
  • Thermostats 450°C
  • External toughened glass, intermediate toughened glass and internal ceramic glass
  • Soft-close door gasket
  • Cold exteriors (forced ventilation)
  • Stainless knobs
  • Industrial door joints