Professional blue sheet pan for pizza and flatbreads

Procedure tips for burning pans.

Initially sprinkle the entire surface, outside and inside, of the pan with seed oil, making sure to give only a brush stroke to the outer surface. Bake the pan for 5 minutes at 230 °C, take it out and let it cool for a few minutes; at this point brush only the inner surface of the pan with seed oil and bake the pan again for 5 minutes at 230 °C .
Observe when the oil reaches the smoke point , it is an indication that the pan is ready to be taken out of the oven.

Use and Maintenance

It is necessary to carry out the process of “burning” before use. You can follow the tips listed above or document yourself in the various dedicated online groups or through experienced pizza makers.

Keep the pan away from humidity, NEVER wash it with water and/or soap, not even to remove the vaseline oil sprayed to protect it. Use paper towels or cotton to clean it after use. Before storing the pan, we recommend lightly brushing the entire inner and outer surfaces with oil .