Effeuno's Evolution Line:
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🔥 Effeuno EVOLUTION LINE: The ideal professional oven! Advanced electronic control for pizza, bread and fine pastries. Unique technological innovation in the market.

💡 Excellent performance: Up to 509°C. Compact size, optimization of energy resources.

💪 Suitable for everyone: Professionals and enthusiasts. Experiment with new culinary possibilities.

🍕 Perfect pizza: True Neapolitan cooking in reduced time.

🥐 S ublime pastry: Multi-step programs for large leavened goods.

👨‍🍳 Express your passion: Tool tailored for you.

🎯 Achieve amazing results: Crispy crust, soft heart, irresistible desserts.

🚀 Choose LINE EVOLUTION: Take your culinary art to the next level!

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P134H 509E Extra Power


P134HA 509E Extra Power

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P134A 399E


P134H 509E


P134HA 509E

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